Lifepoint ARU Labor Scheduler

1. You should be filling out “tomorrow’s” projection “today”. If you were to use the tool this afternoon you should enter tomorrow’s date ( ) in the “Reporting Date” field, enter tomorrow’s projected midnight census and tomorrow’s projected therapy hours. Remember, if you wait until the following morning to enter your data for the same day, the server may reject your submission.

2. Data needs to be entered for the weekends on time. If you do not intend to login to the website Saturday and Sunday (for Sunday/Monday projections) then we suggest you enter Saturday/Sunday/Monday projections on Friday. That will require three separate submissions.

3. Do not resubmit past the cutoff time (11:59PM PST). This means do not come in the next morning, see that there is a delta from what you entered the previous night and enter new labor data. If this happens there is a good chance both entries will be invalidated by the server.

4. Enter data for all days. If there are no therapy hours scheduled for the upcoming day, simply enter '0' for projected therapy hours, but still fill out the projected midnight census for tomorrow.


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Reporting Date (Weekdays & Weekends) *
Enter the date that corresponds with your projected data (usually tomorrow)
Projected Midnight Census *
Needs to correspond with the reporting date. Enter full census number.
Projected Therapy Hours *
Needs to correspond with the reporting date. Use the calculator below to assist with your therapy projection. Select a productivity level (75-95%) an copy one of the results in the green row to this field. Round to the nearest whole number. This should include therapist, clinical coordinator, tech and contract coverage.
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Scheduling Calculator Instructions: (Allow up to 60 secs for the tool to load. Only enter data in yellow cells.)
- Input the projected census. This total should coincide with the "midnight census" report submitted to your direct report each day.
- Input the expected treatment hours for PT/OT/ST. These hours should reflect the care plan for tomorrow's projected census.
 Note - Treatment hours for PT/OT/ST should be a comprehensive representation of the appropriate level of care on a patient by patient basis.
 Note - Treatment hours for PT/OT/ST should exclude non-patient care coverage.
 Note - Only enter projected treatment hours for PT/OT/ST. Do not input indirect time. Non-treatment hours are accounted for through the range of productivity levels.
 Note - Tech/Clinical Coordinator hours are to include both treatment and non-treatment hours.
*This model is designed to assist in estimating scheduling needs based on an individual's specific rehabilitation needs.
**Download the calculator for offline use HERE.
Training: Visit for help on using this site and the Therapy Scheduling Report.
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